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News Letters

Spring 2020 News Letter

Dear BAP/AA Members,

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones doing well during this unprecedented time. With our school year coming to an end, and without being able to hold our annual banquet, we wanted to share some highlights of our year with you.

Our Year in Review

Beta Alpha Psi and the Accounting Association had another successful year. We kicked the fall recruiting season off with our annual Bowling & Cornhole event, which was a huge success thanks to our sponsors. We also participated in various community service events.  One of our largest was VITA, where our members prepared tax returns for certain low income individuals. Our members also were able to hear from various companies and professionals on topics ranging from advanced data analytics to personal budgeting. 

Diversity Award: At this past year’s annual Beta Alpha Psi meeting, Kent State University placed third nationally for the EY Inclusive Leadership Award for their efforts in promoting diverse, inclusive environments on campus and emphasizing its importance in their future careers. 

2019-2020 Initiates: Kyle Barshel, Katelyn Bonner, Lindsay Carnahan, Tyler Dohse, Sara Durica, Madison Gray, Camilla Hall, Angelina Kettler, Alexander Kolvey, Maggie Mace, Samantha Mortford, Brooke Myers, Teresa Reed, Lydia Strawn, and Andrew Toth

Fall 2020 Save the Dates

Bowling and Cornhole:  Thursday, September 10th

Meet the Accountants Night: Thursday, September 17th 

Accounting Internship Interviews: September 28th - October 2nd

Note: We are currently awaiting University direction regarding hosting in person campus events for Fall 2020. The Career Services team is working on virtual backup options and will be notifying all recruiters in mid-summer. Please reach out directly to Erin Nunn Fairman at for additional information or questions on the fall recruiting season.


Professor of the Year: Jessica Buchanan - Students mentioned Dr. Buchanan consistently goes above and beyond to make sure every student is learning and enjoying class. It is clear that Dr. Buchanan is invested in her students' success and that dedication is truly appreciated by her students.  We would also like to congratulate runners up Rini Laksmana and John Rose. Another thank you to all of our Accounting Faculty and Staff for all you do for us. 

Presenter of the Year:  Plante Moran (Fall) and the IRS (Spring)

Graduate Student of the Year: Nicholas Ferritto

Accounting Student Member of the Year: Sarah Hales

Graduating Officers

Nicholas Ferritto - Nick will be graduating from the MSA program this spring and was previously an accounting undergraduate student at Kent State. Nick has been an officer with Beta Alpha Psi since his Freshman year and has also held officer positions in Beta Gamma Sigma and Business Professionals’ Roundtable. After graduation, Nick plans to sit for the CPA exam.

Sarah Hales - Sarah is a graduate student who graduated with her Bachelor of Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude, in Accounting from Kent State University last May and will receive her MSA this Spring. During her collegiate career, she has been actively involved in Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Relay for Life. This past year, she has served as the President for both Beta Alpha Psi and Relay for Life. Currently, Sarah is studying for the CPA exam and preparing to start full time at EY in their FSO Assurance line.

David Slusser - David will receive his BBA with a concentration in economics and computer information systems.  David has served as both the Community Service Officer and University Outreach Officer while in BAP. After graduation David plans to return to Kent State as a student in the Master of Arts in Economics program.

Jonathan Szuch - Jonathan is finishing his MSA this spring and is wrapping up his fifth year in Beta Alpha Psi and the Accounting Association. After being the BAP representative for the Business Professionals Roundtable he stayed on as a member of BPR for four years. Jonathan has served in five different leadership roles over the last 4 years in BAP/AA. Upon graduation he will sit for the CPA and begin his career at Ciuni and Panichi.

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners and a special thank you to all of our donors for making these scholarships available to our students.

Kyle Barshel, Noah Bartone, Holly Blough, Matthew Boettler, Katelyn Bonner, Lindsay Carnahan, Madison Chapman, Qimin Chen, Rob Churney, Zachary Clore, Morgan Connolly, Eden Copley, Corinne  Hartline, Tyler Dohse, Chloe Dufeu, Dakota Dunwiddie, Natasha Durachinsky, Sara Durica, Jennifer Eich, Amy Flores, Ryan Franks, David Gaglione, Evelyn Geib, Kramer Getce, Kyle Goodin, Madison Gray, Casey Greenwald, Emily Greff, Hayden Grider, Camilla Hall, Heidi Hanan, Thomas Harris, Corinne Hartline, Amiena Hawari, Matthew Herttna, Holly Blough, Samantha Houk, Paul Jeremiah, Mitchell King, Abigayle Kuhn, Alexa Kwiatkowski, Michael LeHoty, Taylor Lesseski, Savannah Lones, Maggie Mace, Mason Cross, John McDermott, Madison Miller, Peyton Miller, Brooke Myers, Grant Nadler, Christopher Neumann, Gregory Nied, Keith Pettry, Nicole Polkabla, Nathan Price, Nicole Race, Denise Raub, Samuel Rufener, Cole Saxion, Allison Sayre, Megan Shively, Jason Shroge, Madison Starner, Caleb Strack, Akiko Tomihara, Andrew Toth, Brianna Trevillion, Brandy Via, Tingru Wang, Jarret Wonders, and Kevin Zuppe.

2020-2021 Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Association Officers

President - Taylor Lesseski 

Vice President - Dakota Dunwiddie 

Treasurer - Brianna Trevillion

Membership Officer - Maggie Mace 

Reporting Secretary - Angelina Kettler 

Director of Events - Evelyn Geib 

Recording Secretary - Abigayle Kuhn

University Outreach - Brooke Myers 

Community Service - Camilla Hall 

Media & Technology - Corinne Hartline 



The Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Association Fall Officers:

Sarah Hales - President

Taylor Lesseski - Vice President

Nicholas Ferritto - Treasurer

Dakota Dunwiddie - Director of Events

Keirstin Prochaska - Membership Officer

Brianna Trevillion - Reporting Secretary

Abigayle Kuhn - Recording Secretary

Kelly Hartman - University Outreach

David Slusser - Community Service

Maggie Mace - Technology Officer



The Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Association Spring Officers:

Sarah Hales - President

Taylor Lesseski - Vice President

Nicholas Ferritto - Treasurer

Jonathan Szuch - Director of Events

Michael Trauman - Membership Officer

Angelina Kettler - Reporting Secretary

Abigayle Kuhn - Recording Secretary

David Slusser - University Outreach

Camilla Hall - Community Service

Maggie Mace - Technology Officer

Fall 2019 News Letter

Dear Faculty,

As we kick off the spring semester we wanted to share with you a few highlights from the fall, as well as what we are looking forward to this upcoming semester.  

Fall Recap

We had a very successful fall semester. We initiated 13 new members to Beta Alpha Psi and added 19 members to the Accounting Association. We had eight companies present to our members on topics ranging on everything from personal budgeting to IT risk. Our members had great success in obtaining internships with these employers as well as dozens of others. Many of our members will be participating in busy season internships during the spring semester.

Spring Events

This spring our members will be working with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program which offers free tax help to people who generally make $56,000 or less, persons with disabilities and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. We will also be traveling to Milwaukee to participate in the Beta Alpha Psi Regional meeting, where we will meet with other chapters from across the midwest and participate in professional development programs. We are also planning an event highlighting women in business.


Our members will be providing free tutoring to students in any course, seeking 1-2 hours of extra help per week. This resource is open to all students. If you know of a student seeking extra help please reach out to our community service officer, Camilla Hall - so she can connect the student with a tutor.

Other Events

Our weekly meetings this semester are in BSA 217 from 5:15 to 6:30. The 2020 Accounting Department Banquet will take place on Friday, April 24th. We are also participating in a number of community service events with Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House, and the Akron Canton Foodbank. A full listing of our professional, social, and service events can always be found on our website:



The Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Association Officers:

Sarah Hales - President -

Taylor Lesseski - Vice President - 

Nicholas Ferritto - Treasurer -

Jonathan Szuch - Director of Events -

Michael Trauman - Membership Officer -

Angelina Kettler - Reporting Secretary -

Abigayle Kuhn - Recording Secretary -

David Slusser - University Outreach -

Maggie Mace - Technology Officer -

Camilla Hall - Community Service -

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